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How To Get A Madagascar Dragon Tree To Bloom? — Plants & House

If you have a Madagascar dragon tree and are active in social media houseplant groups, you can probably relate to the feeling of jealousy when someone says that their Dracaena marginata is flowering. But don’t feel bad – flowering indoors is extremely rare for these plants, and is much more likely in their native habitat. In this article, we’ll go over what is most likely to encourage those elusive flowers, as well as how to promote healthy dragon tree growth in general. The short answer is: so

What’s Wrong With My Arrowhead Plant? — Plants & House

Arrowhead plants, or Syngonium, are generally non-fussy, easygoing plants. But even the easiest plants can be divas once in a while when they need something. If your Syngonium is looking sad, it probably just wants a little extra TLC. Read on to diagnose the issue and find out how to fix it. What Causes Brown Spots On My Arrowhead Plant? There are a couple of different reasons why the leaves of an arrowhead plant can turn brown. The cause depends on the location of the browning. Here are the m

What Happened To The American Chestnut Tree? — Forest Wildlife

The American chestnut tree was once a majestic species – one of the tallest and quickest-growing trees in the country. But what was once a valuable food and wood source for the United States was all but wiped out by a devastating disease. In this article, we’ll discuss what killed the American chestnut tree, and what scientists are doing to try and save it. What Has Caused the Widespread Decline of the American Chestnut Tree? The American chestnut tree thrived for at least 40 million years. Th

How To Prune Wisteria? — Plants & House

Wisteria is a flowering vine that produces stunning blooms throughout any structure it’s allowed to climb. If you’re new to this plant, you might not realize that it can be downright invasive if it’s not kept under control. Pruning is essential to manage your wisteria’s growth and prevent it from damaging your home. In this article, we’ll discuss when and how to trim this beautiful vine. Pruning your wisteria at specific, regular times throughout the year will make the task easier on both you a

How To Care For A Fittonia Plant? — Plants & House

Fittonia albivenis, or the Fittonia plant, is an excellent choice for any plant owner. They are not the fussiest plants, and therefore can be great for beginners and veteran gardeners alike. This article gives an overview of caring for Fittonias, including watering tips, soil, and maintenance. Read to learn more on how to care for a Fittonia plant. The Fittonia plant was named after Sarah and Elizabeth Fitton, the botanists who discovered it in the 1800s. Many people know it more commonly as “

How To Propagate Arrowhead Plant? — Plants & House

Propagating plants often seems intimidating to novice gardeners. But really, all it means is growing a new plant from a parent plant. Fortunately for us, Mother Nature does all of the heavy lifting for this process. Syngonium podophyllum, or arrowhead plants, are easy to propagate from stem cuttings, and can be done using a couple of different methods. When is the Best Time to Propagate Cuttings? Technically, you might be able to propagate your arrowhead whenever you want to. But your chances

How To Build A Deer Feeder {Video Inside} — Forest Wildlife

Installing a deer feeder on your property can be a good way to attract deer, whether you’re a hunter or just a nature lover. Unfortunately, many store-bought deer feeders are not easy on the wallet. If you’d like to save money and enjoy DIY projects, read on to learn how to build a deer feeder (including an instructional video). How Do You Make A Homemade Deer Feeder? There are several different designs and strategies you can use to make a deer feeder. Your plan will depend on where you want y

How Can You Tell If A Deer Is Pregnant? — Forest Wildlife

Those of us who live in areas with a lot of deer are used to seeing them around. But spotting a pregnant deer can be tricky. To determine whether a doe is pregnant, some background knowledge on the breeding season is helpful. When Do Deer Get Pregnant? Deer reproductive cycles mostly depend on the climate. Natural selection has refined the breeding process to ensure that fawns are born in optimal conditions for survival. In northern areas of the U.S., for example, the breeding season runs fro

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